Digital Asset Management for Marketing

Content is king! You know this. No doubt you’ve heard it in meetings, read multiple blog posts about it and attended at least one conference on the topic. In a world where people are bombarded with messages, visual media — typically referred to as digital assets — is wearing the crown.

So, how are you managing your digital assets?

When you’re juggling logos and graphics, managing a family of brands, and executing multiple marketing campaigns, quickly finding digital assets can be a challenge. Getting your assets to others, including colleagues, affiliate partners and designers, can be a bigger headache.

A DAM system can help ease the pain. Whether you work in advertising, promotions, brand management, social marketing or corporate communications, a solid DAM system can quickly become a huge asset in helping you find the digital assets you need, so you can provide them to the people who need them easily and efficiently.

Digital asset management software is a marketing technology, which means it exists to make your job easier. In short, DAM allows you to:

  • Manage and organize existing digital assets
  • Share and distribute content
  • Track content use

Here’s a firsthand account of how a DAM system helped one company manage their family of brands:

A comprehensive DAM solution supports revenue generation by making content accessible and helping you go to market faster. It facilitates workflow by enabling easy review and approval of digital assets. Previous campaigns are at your fingertips, and multiple file versions are stored in one place. Some DAM systems allow direct publishing to social media sites or update embedded graphics when a new file version is approved.

Providing easy access to digital assets and easy distribution methods isn’t all that digital asset management software can do. Many DAM solutions include data tracking to show how your assets are performing. Having statistics on who is downloading what can help you create better graphics and campaigns in the future.

Top benefits of digital asset management for marketing communications:

  • An increase in productivity because of improved efficiency in organizing, finding & sharing marketing content
  • Easy access to the latest approved digital assets increases brand control and consistency
  • DAM facilitates faster collaboration, review & approval of assets, which helps you go to market faster, with fewer errors
  • On-demand repurposing of digital assets in whatever format you need
  • Improved effectiveness of sales channels through self-serve access to marketing content
  • Increased protection from misuse of your brand’s identity

If your marketing department is looking to save time and money while improving your operations, it’s time to look into a DAM system for your organization.

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