Digital Asset Management for Executives

For executives focused on how marketing fulfillment technologies can help their organization save or make money, there are many benefits to a digital asset management (DAM) system.

A good DAM system can help you:

  • Free your teams from wasting time searching for files, emailing files or recreating artwork
  • Track what digital assets are performing the best
  • Consolidate and streamline editing and approval of digital media
  • Make digital assets visible, searchable and available
  • Control who has access to your digital assets

Digital asset management provides all the benefits listed above, and more, to help drive change in your organization. The result? Improved efficiency, focus and a streamlined process that’s more organized and less frustrating.

A well-rounded DAM system can help…

Free up your teams to do what they do best

Creatives don’t want to spend long hours emailing high-resolution graphics back and forth (actually, nobody wants to do that). Even worse is having to recreate graphics because original documents can’t be found.

Truth be told, anyone involved with marketing fulfillment shouldn’t have to spend time dredging up old campaigns or searching for the newest versions of files. With a good digital asset management system, all of your digital assets are centralized, so everything is easy to find.

Here’s a personal account of how digital asset management software helped one company free up staff, save work hours, and improve response time to image requests:

Track asset performance
A DAM system can provide analytics on who is using what digital assets, where, and for what use. Digital asset management will also let you know which assets are popular, based on number of downloads and shares, and which are not. The results from these digital asset performance metrics can help drive future creative development and marketing campaigns.

Consolidate and streamline the editing and approval of digital assets
A good digital asset management system can be a much more efficient alternative to email threads. With commenting, review and approval features baked right in, a DAM solution keeps the right people “in the loop.” This creates a historical audit trail for easy reference by all relevant DAM users.

Make digital content visible, searchable and available
The biggest issue when it comes to managing digital assets is finding and sharing important files. Unfortunately, many agencies and internal departments rely on multiple shared drives, desktops, email and online file sharing systems to store digital assets. The resulting mess can sometimes cause hours of lost time because content can’t easily be found when it’s needed.

With digital asset management, all of your digital content is visible in one place. And keywords and categories make searching a breeze. In essence, digital asset management is the ultimate organizational system for your assets. It can be customized to your organization’s specific needs and tendencies — putting even large libraries of digital assets at your fingertips for quick retrieval.

Control who has access
Most DAM systems have multiple levels of access for users, based on roles and permissions. That means in some cases, one user group may only be able to view digital assets, while others can view and download, and still others may only be able to upload digital assets. Your digital asset management system can precisely control the exact level of access each role has to digital assets, providing you with the security and brand consistency you need to maximize your marketing efforts and see a strong business return.

There are many benefits to digital asset management software, including making your organization’s marketing fulfillment processes work like a dream. For more information on justifying costs and determining return on investment (ROI), see our ROI guide.


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