Digital Asset Management for Creatives

You probably got into one of the creative fields because you enjoy the creative process. Whether you’re a photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, web designer, videographer, copywriter or another type of creative, you may be finding that your time is increasingly dominated by the logistics of getting artwork, design files or content to people for review or approval, as well as manually reformatting digital files. This is not creative work by any means, and without dependable DAM software in place this process can be dreadful.

Well-crafted DAM software can help free up your time, so you can do what you do best: CREATE!

A DAM solution can improve your workflow and productivity in many ways including:

  • Facilitating quick searching and sharing of digital assets
  • Setting future release dates and approvals
  • Hosting multiple versions of digital assets in one place
  • Allowing easy access to past artwork, content or campaigns
  • Ensuring brand consistency across all touch points
  • Making a variety of file formats, sizes and dimensions of digital assets available to user groups on-the-fly
  • Controlling color space conversions
  • Enabling quick and easy review and approval through the DAM system

DAM software will enhance your ability to create digital assets by giving you easy, instant access to existing artwork, past marketing campaigns, video or photo outtakes, and more. It can also facilitate expedient review and approval of digital assets through multiple levels of user access.

One creative user talks about how DAM software improved her workflow, and what it would be like not to have a central repository from which to manage, share and analyze all of their digital assets:

Every creative we’ve spoken with loves the fact that their DAM system stores multiple file formats, sizes and versions. This makes their work day more efficient and less frustrating, as they no longer receive queries from colleagues, partners or media groups for digital assets. Instead, their associates simply download what they need, on demand, in whatever format they desire.

As you know, it’s the nature of a creative agency or in-house creative department to produce, so there isn’t going to be a slow down anytime soon. Investing in DAM software now will help you make the most of your time, the assets you already have, and those you will create in the future.

Additional benefits of a DAM solution include:

  • Storage of digital assets in one central location
  • The ability to easily keep track of versions and edited digital assets
  • A simple drag & drop approach to uploading files
  • The ability to control the release and expiration of digital assets for rights-management & archiving
  • Easy sharing of comments, as well as the ability to rate digital assets
  • Repurposing digital assets across multiple channels with ease
  • Ensuring brand guidelines are being adhered to

Digital asset management & your brand strategy

Beyond the brand guidelines mentioned above, DAM software can play a huge role in your overall brand strategy. Digital asset management software has become much more than a way to manage assets. These days, it’s an effective tactical tool that can also drive brand strategy, and help keep your organization competitive in today’s fast-moving global economy. DAM adds value to digital assets by making it possible to launch several projects, on multiple platforms (print, web, social) in a cohesive, well-packaged way — making it a key component in the success of an organization’s brand strategy.

In addition to supporting an organization with their customer-facing communications, DAM software is also great for internal communications and campaigns like employee education, engagement, philanthropy and more.

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