Understanding RFI's and RFP's

Understanding RFI’s and RFP’s

In the process of researching DAM systems, it’s not uncommon to come across a reference to “Request for Proposal”, and to a lesser degree, the “Request for Information”. An RFP or RFI can be a useful tool for evaluating options. It can also become a laundry list of technical and support questions.

All too often, the requests do not address your core needs and cannot accurately assess if a DAM system provides the functionality you need.

The most helpful DAM system evaluation tools are a good internal assessment, development of user scenarios, and a prioritized list of requirement from a DAM system. These elements will guide your interactions with DAM vendors, inform demos, and give you hands-on experience with the system during comprehensive testing opportunities.

If you are required to send requests, make the best use of your time and vendor time by establishing contact with vendors ahead of sending documents. Knowing your size, industry, asset type and number, and more enables them to provide you with useful solutions.

This document contains a list of over 75 questions appropriate for an RFI. Remember, any requests should be customized to make sure that your DAM system priorities are covered.

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