The Digital Asset Management Decision Journey

Finding the right digital asset management system

The 4 phases of the DAM decision journey

Choosing a digital asset management (DAM) system that supports your business is no easy task. Whether implementing DAM for the first time or migrating from one system to another, there are important things you should know and do before making a decision. So we’ve created this simple Digital Asset Management Decision Journey guide. We’ve designed the guide to help you find a DAM system that’s the right fit for your brand, culture, and business.

Phase 1: Strategize

  • Solution strategy
  • User interviews
  • Audit current methods
  • Identify business requirements

Key things to consider:

  • Goal of the DAM system
  • User wants and needs
  • Desired system structure/metadata
  • Workflow redundancies
  • Internal/external resources to facilitate strategy

Phase 2: Research

  • Read white papers and articles
  • Review industry reports
  • Talk to industry experts
  • Talk to other DAM users
  • Attend DAM Conferences

Key things to consider:

  • Best practices for DAM
  • Range of systems available
  • Cloud-based or Installed solution
  • DAM Return on Investment (ROI)

Phase 3: Justify

  • Calculate ROI
  • Assign a DAM champion
  • Prepare and present the case for DAM
  • Get buy-in from decision makers

Key things to consider:

  • A dedicated decision-making team
  • A champion who knows the technology
  • User adoption/cultural roadblocks
  • Outside resources to create the business case

Phase 4: Evaluate

  • Compare solutions against system requirements
  • Use a Proof of Concept (demos, sandbox, pilot, etc) to validate use cases
  • Roadmap for implementation and beyond

Key things to consider:

  • Right fit for your business and culture
  • Product features, benefits and price
  • Customer service, training and upgrades
  • Internal/external resources to admin the system