Streamline your DAM Implementation

How an information professional can help streamline your DAM implementation.

Steps to take before, during, and after implementation.

If your company is planning to implement a DAM system, you will significantly increase your odds of success if your team includes an information professional. From championing the project and writing an RFP to setting up workflows that ensure assets are findable and providing ongoing user training, an information professional is the cornerstone of a successful DAM implementation.

Before we get into how, let’s discuss what an information professional is. Wikipedia defines it as “someone who collects, records, organizes, stores, preserves, retrieves, and disseminates printed or digital information.” Information professionals come from a variety of backgrounds. Many have training in library science, information studies, museum curation, knowledge management, and digital records management. Common titles include digital archivist, digital curator, records manager, or digital asset administrator.

If you’re not able to hire someone with a background in information science, you have a couple options to make sure your collection of digital assets is properly managed. One is to have someone dedicated to full-time to digital asset management, another is to split responsibilities between two or more people. The main objective is to have DAM administration tasks explicitly assigned to ensure that they are performed.

An information professional is the perfect fit for DAM admin and can help with many of the challenges organizations typically face before, during, and after DAM implementations. Below are some common ways they can help.

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