Digital Asset Management Links — February 3, 2017

Digital asset management links February 3, 2017

DAM and image recognition are on the rise. Finally, image recognition is starting to be a usable tool. Image recognition and DAM can help generate automatic metadata and make the whole DAM process run smoother. – Real Story Group

DAM and AI could really change the way people edit and organize their photos. There are many benefits to using AI and DAM with photos, but of course since the technology is new, there’s still a lot of improvements to be made. – The Photo Organizers

On the other hand, Ralph Windsor gives a critique of AI and DAM systems. Windsor doesn’t think that AI and DAM are worth all of the hype surrounding them. See what he has to say about it after he reviewed some of the top DAM tools with AI. – Digital Asset Management News

How often should a DAM admin…? Archive assets? Update the system dashboard? You may be asking yourself this question all the time as a DAM admin. This article gives some answers to how often you should be doing some common admin tasks. – Widen

And finally, some old school (but still very important!) tools for managing your photos. The United States Library of Congress funded a project called dpBestflow that has given free advice to photographers on how to better manage their photos with DAM. – Imaging Resource

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