Top 10 DAM Links of 2016

Top 10 digital asset management links of 2016

Every week we provide you with the digital asset management (DAM) links that are circling around the web. Since 2016 is coming to a close, we decided to round up what we believe are the 10 best DAM links from this year!

  1. A refreshing take on the importance of digital assets, how they support brands, and the value of your content.  – CMSWire
  1. In January there was big news in digital archives! The New York Public Library opened its digital collection to the public. As of today, there are 708,086 items available to view, and new items are being added daily. This is an exciting addition to the online library world and good news for learners everywhere. Until now, the archives were only available by request and/or for a fee. This is an “attempt to democratize its assets for all who want to learn.” Always a pleasure to see a new digital archive open up, especially one of this size and status. – Tech Times
  1. A common language is required to talk about DAM internally and with vendors. Media therapist Robin Parisse recommends having a “DAM dictionary” to make sure everyone has the same understanding about terms and systems.  – LinkedIn Pulse
  1. Brooklyn Public Library selected a professional DAM system for historical photos and marketing materials. It’s a great multipurpose use for a system owned by a nonprofit. – EIN News
  1. Gartner debuted their Market Guide for Digital Asset Management. Gartner looked at the stand-alone, modular, integrated, and distributed DAM vendors that extended across the small business to enterprise market space. – Gartner
  1. Make the most of your DAM with these five tips. My personal favorite? Train users! Other recommendations include getting stakeholder buy-in, integrating with existing software, and finding the right solution for your needs. – MarTech Advisor
  1. All the points on this IT checklist could apply to your DAM system — especially learning business processes and talking to marketing. The others, like audit hardware, software, and security measures, also apply. – PC Mag
  1. This article neatly explains why you need a DAM even if you have a web content management (WCM) system with a dinner party analogy. Think of the DAM as the kitchen — where you create and manage digital assets — and the WCM as the house — where you entertain guests with your magnificent creations. – CMSWire
  1. Here’s a bit of metadata history for you. Back in the 19th century a group of women classified over 10,000 stars, without computers. (It’s an old article, but a really good one.) – InfoLibrarian
  1. Purchasing a DAM is the first step in getting assets organized, followed by implementation, user training, and upkeep. This post lays out what you need to do after selecting a system in order to ensure success. – MarTech Advisor

We can’t wait to continue providing you with our weekly DAM links in 2017!

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