Takeaway tweets from DAM NY 2015

Last week, Henry Stewart DAM New York, the largest digital asset management conference in the country, was held on May 7-8. With over 500 people and dozens of vendors on site, the conference is a major gathering for people who know DAM — and those who are learning about it.

A lot was covered at “DAM NY”, and we’ve cruised Twitter to pick out some of our favorite tweets and topics to share with you. There is something here for everyone, whether you are researching digital asset management options or an experienced professional in the field.

We hope you enjoy! If you have something to add, let us know in the comments!

First of all, welcome. DAM NY is in it’s twelfth year and it has become a yearly pilgrimage for many digital asset management professionals. In addition to DAM NY, Henry Stewart DAM puts on annual events in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Europe. If you didn’t make it to New York, you still have options for attending a Henry Stewart DAM conference.

Adopting a digital asset management solution and all the things that go along with that (developing metadata, examining or altering workflows, and selecting an admin) is not an easy task. Luckily it pays off in the end, but often not without internal hurdles, which is why this quote is particularly relevant.

There was no shortage of great advice at DAM NY. We’ve said it before when talking about assessing your DAM needs and it’s nice to hear it repeated: Make sure to involve the people who will use the system!

Along those lines, one of our favorite analysts in the DAM space, Theresa Regli, had the following advice about designing a DAM that will last.

Just before the conference, Fierce Content Management posted an article about the future of DAM, citing Regli’s research findings that many people are unhappy with their DAM systems after implementation. We can only imagine that her push for planning before adoption is to help ensure satisfaction.

The slide in this tweet from Regli, who is an analyst for the Real Story Group, sums up why planning and strategy are important.

One repeated often-repeated sentiment was about the increasing number of information professionals attending DAM NY. An info pro can help at every step of DAM adoption, implementation, and maintenance. In fact, we just developed a new resource about it.

Which probably explains these pins handed out by Optimity Advisors.

Thanks for joining us in this wrap-up of Henry Stewart DAM NY. If you were there, what takeaways did you get from the conference? If you weren’t, let us know what kind of questions you have in the comments.

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