#SLA2015 twitter takeaways

SLA 2015 is the premier annual meeting for information professionals, wrapped this week in Boston, where it was held on Sunday, June 14 and Monday, June 15.

SLA began in 1909 as the Special Libraries Association, and as information has gone digital, so have the people who organize, analyze, and manage digital information and assets. Information professionals, or “info pros” come from a variety of backgrounds. Many have training in library science, information studies, curation, knowledge management, and digital records management. Common titles include digital archivist or curator, records manager, or digital asset administrator. For more information about info pros and digital asset management (DAM), see our article “DAM and the information professional.” The morning started well.

The conference features tons of great sessions, including the slides below from Sarah Barrett, who talked about developing a better web based experience for users.

There was dancing, a celebration of superhero skills, and swag.

The conference featured a twitter chat to close the general session under the hashtag #SLAtalk. For more information, read a post on Library Sherpa by the organizer Tracy Z. Maleeff. Meanwhile, this gem came up during the chat.

Info pros came from all levels of experience and specialties. Here’s someone new to the role, with a focus on math and science.

Even with the differences in background, there were many commonalities.

Attendees came from around the world. Kate Arnold, former SLA president, checked out the Baker Library at Harvard Business School. Arnold was in Boston from the UK.

If the meeting or the topics look interesting you to, check out the following article by digital asset management professional Ian Matzen.

Let us know in the comments what you thought of SLA 2015.

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