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DAM review sitesLike many things in the life, the search for a digital asset management (DAM) system usually starts with a Google search. The results are predictable: pay per click ad options at the top of Google’s results followed by organic results from vendors, educational, and review sites.

Review sites are a great place to start – they provide information about multiple vendors in a format that makes them easy to compare. When using review sites it’s important to understand how they gather results so we’ve prepared an overview of some of the top DAM vendors review options.

The DAM industry is best represented by three sites: Capterra, G2 Crowd, and DAM Vendors. Each site works in a slightly different way and understanding the differences will help you to navigate them and get the best information for your search.


Capterra logo DAM review tips Strengths: Capterra is owned by Gartner and is usually the highest ranked DAM review site on Google. It features over 200 DAM vendors and allows you to search and filter by features. It has a compare feature, but it is limited compared to other review sites like G2Crowd.

How to use it: When you click on a Capterra link from google, you will be taken to the “All Products” tab of their vendor list. This is the best place to filter your results by feature. It’s important to be aware that the vendors on this list are not in order of rating – vendors pay for their position. The more the vendor pays, the higher they are on the list.

If you want to see a list of top vendors based on the Capterra algorithm, click on the “most popular” tab. Their algorithm weighs factors like number of customers, users, and social media followers. As with all review sites, check the number of reviews a vendor has when evaluating their rating. It’s important to know if the rating is the result of 10 reviews or 100.


G2 Crowd logo DAM review tips Strengths: G2Crowd is a newcomer to the DAM review space but their comparison ability and grid ranking score are really helpful in finding the best DAM vendors. Their ability to compare multiple vendors makes it feel like you’re getting a custom report from a consultant that would cost thousands…yet it is free!

How to use it: When you click on a G2Crowd link from Google you go to their homepage for the DAM industry. Their grid visualization dominates the page and assigns each vendor a “G2 Score” which is weighted heavily on customer reviews and recommendations. Select the vendors you want to look at and click compare to get a remarkable report with great detail and comparison points like price, user adoption, ROI, and implementation.

DAM Vendors

DAM Vendors DAM review tips Strengths: DAM Vendors is run by DAM News and ensures the integrity of their list by offering a filter based on the DAM Foundations “10 characteristics of DAM.” Any software can claim to be a DAM, but if it doesn’t have simple “search” functionality, it’s hard to call it a DAM.

How to use it: Browse their comprehensive listings as a free, registered, or premium user. We recommend becoming a registered user because it is also free and unlocks a number of additional filters. There is no compare feature, but upgrading to a premium account for $200 unlocks a number of functionality filters like integrations and API information.  

These are three of the most popular DAM vendor review sites that appear in Google search results. They all function differently, so make sure you understand their strengths, and how each of them works in order to get the best and most accurate information for your DAM search.

If you’re looking for a DAM system, check out our whitepaper “What to Know Before You Go.”

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