Life just got less frustrating thanks to digital asset management

As a new member of the Widen team and someone who’s perspective of digital asset management is quite limited, it’s been a wonderful challenge and a refreshing adventure learning about digital asset management (DAM), what it really means, and how powerful and important it is.

From an outsider’s point of view, I used to live life merely enjoying all of the visual content bombarding me from every angle. I love magazines, I peruse websites, I read billboards, newspapers, blog posts, social media, basically EVERYTHING. I know what I like when I see it and I appreciate it when I do see or read it. However, I don’t ever think about the process by which that actual piece was created. How did that photo come to live in this advertisement? How was it found? What process did the designer have to go through to locate it and how long did it take?


For me, as an end-user, I just didn’t get it. However, many professionals out there who live, eat and breathe the management of their content feel the pain of mismanagement and short-term solutions for long-term problems every day.

The challenges that come with not having a streamlined and effective DAM system can usually be traced back to sanity (or, lack thereof), time and money. How much sanity, time and money are you willing to lose before finding a sustainable solution for your long-term, content management problems? If you are doing any of the things listed below, you may consider investing in a DAM system.

  • Taking more than a few minutes to look up collections of photos, videos or documents.
  • Dealing with duplicates of your assets.
  • Dealing with a storage system that “only you” know about or understand how to navigate. And navigation involves a full moon, a piece of gum and a battery.
  • You deal with the stress by squeezing your stress ball (thankfully you got a stress ball for Christmas).

You get the point. Digital asset management is a necessary investment for just about any company no matter what size they are or what industry they’re in. When you’re able to easily retrieve digital assets, change versions, share with co-workers and different departments, and upload to the web and social media (and more), that means more sanity and more time. And that translates into more money – both saved and generated.

The end-user may not understand everything that goes into the ad, web page or magazine article they are looking at, reading, loving or hating. It’s the behind-the-scenes solution of digital asset management that make it possible for those pieces of content to exist in the first place.

It’s so important and I didn’t realize it until I worked at Widen. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more hair at the end of the day (less pulling out in frustration) and more high fives of “oh-my-gosh, that was easy?”

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