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Laurel Norris DAM 101 webinarsToday the DAM 101 webinar series came to an end. Thanks so much to everyone who attended – we hope you got a lot of information about digital asset management (DAM) and even had some fun.

Given the great feedback on the series, we are going to repeat it this summer as a two-part webinar including the best parts of all the sessions: “What it’s all about,” “Build use cases and determine ROI,” “A day in the life of an admin,” and “Implementation overview.”

For now, enjoy the recordings, resources, and slide decks!

DAM 101: What it’s all about


Persona-based scenario resource:

Nothing but the basics of DAM. We defined digital asset management, discussed the lifecycle, explored benefits, and shared examples of user profiles. 36 minutes.

Note: Due to the rookie error of not sharing my screen properly, the first ten seconds are a black screen. Hang in there!

DAM 101: Build use cases and determine ROI


Digital asset management ROI:

After a very quick overview of DAM definitions, we jumped right into developing personalized use cases and how that can help you prove return on investment, or ROI, for purchasing a DAM system. The webinar explores soft (helping people do their jobs better) and hard (financial) benefits of DAM, shares an ROI calculator, and discusses the value of content in modern marketing. 35 minutes.

DAM 101: A day in the life of an admin


DAM Governance Planning Doc:
DAM Sample administrative schedule:
How an information professional can help you streamline DAM implementation:

We were joined by professional DAM administrator Lanita Haag for a Q&A session after we talked about why you need an administrator, common admin tasks, and met some real life DAM Champs – all admins and all with great advice. This webinar included a lot of great resources that you can download and edit to be your own. 40 minutes.

DAM 101: Implementation overview


Metadata Quick Start Guide:

Implementation specialist Emily Jacoby sat in on this webinar to talk about what implementation is and the key elements like kickoff, site configuration, asset upload, deployment and admin training, and launch and user training. As a bonus, it includes three PSA’s, or public service announcements, to keep in mind as you plan your implementation. 33 minutes.

Do you have questions or an idea for a DAM webinar? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @digitalassetmgt.


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