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identifying the best digital asset management solutions

There are many choices when it comes to digital asset management (DAM) systems in the marketing technology sector. The question is, how do you find the one that works best for your organization? Since every team has different needs, there’s no “one size fits all” answer. But we can take some of the legwork out of finding the right DAM system.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to eight valuable resources — including industry analysts, review sites and thought leaders — that will help you navigate the road to your DAM solution. Please be advised, the more you know about your workflow needs, current challenges, use cases and budget, the easier it will be to select the most appropriate DAM solution.

That being said, let’s take a look at the resources, which have been broken down into two categories: free and paid.

Free Digital Asset Management Resources

Capterra: A cornucopia of customer reviews, Capterra offers information that can help you hone in on potential digital asset management vendors that are right for you. The site is a “warehouse” of software options, and is dedicated to helping businesses find the right solutions. They organize business software into hundreds of categories, including DAM software, and offer a profile page for each product offered.

Speaking of Capterra’s DAM products page, it includes 175 options! But be aware, not all of them have reviews. In addition to reviews, DAM provider profile pages list product details, vendor information and feature lists.

Check out Capterra’s Top Digital Asset Management Software Products page.

DAM Maturity Model: The DAM Maturity Model is run by a group of DAM professionals committed to providing quality information about DAM systems to consumers. The Maturity Model uses 15 dimensions organized into four categories to define the DAM ecosystem.

It also contains a list of accredited vendors, based on the ten characteristics of a DAM system. These ten characteristics were developed by the board members of The DAM Foundation, which is an organization that is no longer active. However, many of the same people run the Maturity Model. The ten characteristics of DAM were developed in order to bring some sort of standardization to the DAM industry. There are many companies out there that claim to provide a DAM system, but if they don’t meet those characteristics, they are falling behind.

Since you’re probably in the research portion of choosing a DAM system, it’s worth a look at the list to see which vendors made the cut.

G2 Crowd: Citing over 24,000 business software reviews, G2 Crowd bills themselves as the “world’s leading business software review platform.”

G2 Crowd aims to provide real, unbiased feedback from business professionals actively using the software they are reviewing. Each category features a grid, ranking vendor products by customer review and public information about vendors.

The DAM system grid on G2 features ten vendors and allows you to generate side-by-side comparisons of features, industries served, and review demographics. Additional information like pricing, implementation and ROI is available with login.

Get started with your comparison of DAM vendors here: Compare Best Digital Asset Management Software.


The Digital Asset Management Vendor Directory: This directory was established as a repository for information about DAM solutions and the companies that offer them.

The directory serves as a location for prospective DAM system customers to search for vendors offering the features they need. Currently, 71 vendors are listed on the site. Each vendor has a profile page with company information and features of their digital asset management system.

Basic search capabilities are available to anyone, and login is required for more advanced filtering. For options to create shortlists of vendors, develop semi-custom requests for information (RFIs) or requests of proposals (RFPs), a premium upgrade is available.

Check out the directory of DAM Vendors.

Paid Digital Asset Management Resources

Forrester: Focused on providing quality analysis for professional clients, Forrester is a leading research and advisory firm.

They deliver clear, in-depth investigations into broad reaching technologies designed to give clients a better understanding of vendors, markets and customers.

The 2014 Market Overview by Forrester is an excellent resource to help you make sense of your options for digital asset management. It provides best-fit options for a variety of use-cases, helping set you up for successful DAM system adoption. In addition to the overview, a DAM keyword search reveals a variety of resources at different price points.

Learn more about their comprehensive report, Market Overview: Digital Asset Management, 2014.

Real Story Group: This analysis and advisory firm provides unbiased, high-quality research of available technologies.

In addition to covering digital asset management, they also publish reports on topics like content management systems (CMS) and enterprise mobile technology (EMT).

Their analysis of 43 DAM vendors covers features, files types, strengths and weaknesses of different systems, and more. It also contains information that can deepen your understanding of digital asset management.

Learn more about their outstanding Digital and Media Asset Management Guide.


There are a lot of DAM system providers out there, and plenty of resources to help you navigate the options. We encourage you to visit all the resources above to find what works best for you.

These resources are useful across your digital asset management adoption journey. They’re a great place to start understanding the differences between types of systems and providers, and a wonderful reference as you develop a list of potential systems.

Good luck on your search! Feel free to leave any questions in the comments, and if you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletter to keep up with topics and trends in digital asset management.

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