A fresh look at Henry Stewart DAM NY

New look at Henry Stewart DAM NY

We’re coming up on Henry Stewart DAM NY 2016 –  the largest digital asset management (DAM) conference in the world. The annual New York meeting will take place May 5 & 6.

As a newbie in the world of DAM, I took a look at the agenda and determined that the size and scale of DAM NY are exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. To help you navigate the conference and view it through fresh new eyes, here are what I consider some of the most interesting aspects of DAM NY.

Who to expect

First of all – who knew the DAM world was so big?! I couldn’t believe how many industries come together in the DAM sphere. People from all different types of industries use a DAM – something I never thought about.

But now it all makes sense. Of course, TV networks need a DAM! I can’t imagine all the digital assets they need to store, manage, and collaborate on. I found it incredibly interesting that representatives from 9 different TV networks would be sharing their DAM experiences at this year’s Henry Stewart conference.

Here’s the list of will be speaking from the TV world:

  • Tracey Arrowood Shaw from the WWE Network
  • Tab Butler from the MLB Network
  • Keith Horstman from NBA TV
  • Dan Piro from NHL Network
  • Paul Nicholson from Showtime
  • Kevin Gepford from Comedy Central
  • Maura McKinley Tull from PBS
  • Jeff Schneider from National Geographic Partners
  • Dana Ucciferri from Bloomberg Television

Another aspect of the DAM world I found captivating was the fashion sphere. Once again, it all makes sense now, where else would fashion companies store all their digital shoes, purses, and whatnot?

Check out the following speakers in the fashion world that will be presenting at Henry Stewart NY:

  • Annette Early from Carter’s | OshKosh B’gosh
  • Mike Monroe from Macy’s
  • Clair Carter-Ginn from MICHAEL KORS

After writing about the Henry Stewart NY DAM Conference, it started to become clear to me that everyone needs a DAM! Whether you work at a museum, a university, a bank, a pharmaceutical company, a TV network, or anywhere else for that matter…you definitely need a DAM.

If you attend the 2016 Henry Stewart DAM Conference you will be able to hear from people in all of the industries mentioned above (and more) about why they have implemented a DAM and how they use it to make their company more successful each and every day. The DAM world just keeps on getting bigger!

Cool sessions

With over 50 sessions spanned over two days, there are plenty of options to choose from. There will be chances to learn from and share ideas with other DAM users from all across the country through keynotes, roundtables, workshops, and tutorials. Speakers will include DAM users from the NBA network, Comedy Central, DIRECTV, GoPro, Marriott International, Walt Disney Studios, Michael Kors, National Geographic, and more. Check out a few of the sessions that caught our eye:

  • TechLab – “Creative Workflows & DAM – From Design to a Global Digital Experience”: Come listen to Cloud Architect at Adobe Systems James Lockman discuss tips and tricks for using Adobe Experience Manager and Creative Cloud to create and manage engaging content for your customers.
  • Creative Operations – “Harmonizing Your Video File Submissions with Tools You Already Own – Winning the Love of Users”: Marcy Lefkovitz, Vice President of Technology & Workflow Strategy at ABC Television Network, gives this talk. She will discuss how ABC news came up with three different solutions to build a file submission tool that ensures rapid and secure file delivery, standardized metadata and file harmonization.
  • “Stump the DAM Consultant”: Bring your toughest DAM problem to a team of experienced Digital Asset Management consultants. This experienced team will compete against each other to try and offer you the best solution for your DAM challenge. And there’s one catch: all of the consultants will be wearing noise-canceling headphones so they can’t hear the other consultants’ answers. Whoever can stump the team will take home their own pair of noise-canceling headphones!

The DAM Gallery

The DAM Gallery is new for 2016! This is a space to share the “fruits of your DAM labors” as well as see those of others. It’s a showcase for why DAM matters to your company. You’re encouraged to show off what you or your company is most proud of and what you have achieved as a result of having a great DAM.

This could be any type of digital or print asset such as a video, commercial, product, catalog, an image or graphic or anything else of the like. It’s something that helps tell the story of your DAM and the difference it’s made in your organization. Click here to view submission guidelines or an example submission for the DAM Gallery.

The introduction of the DAM Gallery seems like a way to help move DAM into the marketing technology realm as more marketers learn about DAM as a way to manage content. It shows DAM as something dynamic and not just a stuffy old repository for storing assets. It’s exciting because it’s like a science fair back in middle school – DAM users can show off their ingenuity and there will even be prizes awarded for the most creative use of DAM.


There’s something for everyone at Henry Stewart DAM NY 2016 – considering it’s the biggest DAM conference in the world. Whether you’re a DAM newbie (like me!), an expert, looking for ways to improve your DAM, or just want to see how others use DAM in their day-to-day lives, I’m sure you’ll have a blast and gain some valuable knowledge while you’re at it!

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