The four-step process to finding a digital asset management solution

Finding a digital asset management (DAM) solution that best suits your company’s needs can be a daunting task, especially if this is your first foray into the DAM arena. It’s important to take your time in finding the software, and the provider, that’s the right fit. To help you along, we’ve created this easy guide that clarifies four major steps in the DAM selection process.

The four-step process to finding a digital asset management solution

Clarify your strategy

In other words, define your needs by gaining a clear understanding of the reasons why your company needs a digital asset management system. Sure, management of your digital assets is probably a huge piece of the puzzle, but what kinds of processes will help your company become more efficient with the assets? And what pain points are you currently experiencing that can be alleviated by a DAM solution? The more clearly you define your goals, and your obstacles, the easier it will be to identify the right solution.

Research digital asset management

The fact that you’ve visited our site shows you’ve already begun doing your research. Blog posts, white papers, as well as talking with colleagues who are currently using a DAM system for their digital assets, are all excellent ways to increase your knowledge base. Picking the brains of experts is also a helpful strategy.


Justifying the implementation of a digital asset management system is only partly about ROI. Buy -in from key stakeholders is also a critical component to getting a DAM solution green lit. In addition, you’ll need a responsible DAM team, as well as at least one team member to lead the process through these four steps and beyond.


Now that you’ve strategized, researched and started to receive buy-in, it’s time to begin comparing DAM solutions. Remember, it’s not just about the software, it’s also about the DAM provider. And since you’ve done the necessary work, finding a solution that’s the best fit for your company’s needs has become that much easier.

These four steps are meant to be guideposts in the process. If your company requires a more robust process, that’s something you can define and document as you clarify your strategy.

At the end of the day, the entire process can take anywhere from 11 to 20 weeks, depending on the complexity of your needs and the amount of resources your company has to dedicate to this process.

Need additional help?
You can access our one-page Digital Asset Management Decision Guide for more information. If you’re ready to speak with an expert, we’d be happy to work with your team and further lay out the digital asset management process. Contact Widen about a DAM consultation.

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