Digital Asset Management Links — September 29, 2017

Digital asset management links September 29, 2017

DAM champ Mark Leslie was featured on the latest episode of Another DAM Podcast. Listen to him discuss his involvement in digital asset management, his biggest challenges, and his advice for other DAM professionals. Another DAM Podcast

A discussion on protecting the value of digital assets. This article goes in-depth about how to determine the value of your digital assets and how to protect those assets. It also discusses migration to a DAM system including metadata migration, documentation, and having a disaster plan. – Digital Asset Management News

A DAM system will not solve all of your findability problems on its own. The people and the processes behind the technology are just as important as the system itself. See why you need humans to make assets findable and steps to take to make it happen. – CMSWire

Here’s a new spin on a DAM interview. In this interview, two DAM professionals interview each other on their experience with DAM, metadata, automated tagging, collections policies, and more. – MCN

A comprehensive introduction to metadata. If you’re new to the concept, you’ll definitely want to check out this article. It mainly focuses on descriptive metadata for photographers, while still giving a good overview of what metadata is and how to use it. – The Photo Organizers

Hot topic: DAM innovation. Ralph Windsor gives his take on innovation in the DAM industry. He also talks about a number of DAM trends and what vendors need to do to make their technology better for their customers. – CMSWire  

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