Digital Asset Management Links — September 2018

Digital Asset Management Links September 2018

Who doesn’t need a DAM glossary? There are so many acronyms and technical terms that get thrown around that’s it’s almost like learning another language. Last month, we shared the first part of this DAM glossary, and this month the second part was released. – CMSWire

Real Story Group is making some updates to their DAM evaluations. They’ve watched the DAM market evolve over the last 10 years, and felt it was time to make some changes. Their vendor list has been updated and they’ve released a new sample vendor evaluation. They’ve also added new scenarios to evaluate each DAM vendor. – Real Story Group

Another DAM Podcast for the month of September. This month it’s with Brad Boim from the NFL cable network. Listen to Brad talk about this involvement with DAM, his biggest challenges and successes, and advice he has for others. – Another DAM Podcast

Say hello to the DAM Federation. The DAM Federation is a group of affiliated digital asset management information services providers that have one goal: educating the DAM community. This is a great source to refer back to if you’re ever in need of some DAM education. – The DAM Federation

Sometimes, the cost of not having marketing technology is easier to put into numbers than the benefit of having it. We know, it sounds kind of strange, but it’s true. This article goes over the process of figuring out all the money your organization could be losing. It’s a fresh way to convince your boss that you need new marketing technology. – CMSWire

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