Digital Asset Management Links — September 15, 2017

Digital asset management links September 15, 2017

Is your company struggling to find content? Maybe you use a file sharing tool, but it’s just not effective. There once was a sentiment that digital asset management systems were just for agencies, but this is not the case. No matter what your industry, you can benefit from a DAM system. Read this article to see what you should look for when evaluating solutions. – MarTech Advisor

DAM systems are constantly evolving. Artificial intelligence (AI) and image recognition have been hot topics in the DAM evolution conversation; however, there’s even more technology that is being integrated into DAM systems. This article dives into a few different DAM systems that are integrating new technologies to improve their software. – KMWorld

73% of teams don’t have proofing software to collect feedback. This is shocking! Proofing software can help immensely with the creative process. Check out this infographic if you don’t believe us. – MarketingProfs

Taxonomy is a lot like meditation. Meditation can make your mind clearer which can help you set goals and look more positively into the future. Similarly, a taxonomy that clarifies and classifies can help make processes and potential outcomes clearer. – TaxoDiary

Recently, some financial industries have begun to call their products that manage digital financial resources “digital asset management” tools. There’s been a debate over whether the DAM industry should abandon the term “digital asset management.” Here’s an in-depth article that goes into the debate. – Digital Asset Management News

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