Digital Asset Management Links — October 6, 2017

Marketing asset management links October 6, 2017

People + process + technology = DAM success. This is a common saying in the DAM world. Listen to Debra Risner, the creative digital asset director of Hallmark, discuss how Hallmark Cards Inc. emphasizes the people part of that equation. – YouTube

Do you want to learn about the history of DAM? The author believes we’re approaching the “fourth era of DAM.” The first three eras were the central library era, social-mobile-cloud era, and the integration era. Read this article to see what era we’re approaching. – CMSWire

Product names matter. The name of your product can play a big role in the understanding of what your product is. Silicon Publishing went through a product name dilemma with their connectors. See how they’ve redefined the name of their products throughout the years to bring clarity to their offerings. – Medium

A 2018 DAM pricing survey is coming. In 2017, Digital Asset Management News ran a pricing survey on 16 DAM vendors. After all of these vendors submitted pricing information, DAM News released a report on the pricing data. It’s also worth noting that none of these vendors were mentioned by name in the report, so there was no benefit in over or underestimating prices. – DAM News

Classification and taxonomy are two closely related terms. But how related are they? What’s the difference between the two? Here’s a look at the differences and similarities among classification and taxonomy. – TaxoDiary

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