Digital Asset Management Links — October 30, 2015


Fantastic article that focuses on the ongoing work required to keep up digital archives (and by association, digital asset management systems). Author William Fenton writes “…treating digital projects as finished products presents three problems. First, it promotes an unreasonable estimation of the cost of digital projects; second, it devalues the labor required to maintain resources; and third, it eludes the unique risks electronic materials face.” – PC Mag

Sports teams – one of the many industries jumping on the DAM bandwagon. It makes perfect sense since rich media is a part of the sports experience and fans are look for emotion, excitement, and engagement. – All Business

We talk about integrating your DAM system a lot and apparently we aren’t the only ones. In “5 Questions with a Marketing Ops Geek”,  Tom Kahana talks about his preference for tailored systems.Business 2 Community

Marketing trends for 2016 are already rolling out. The short version: data, social, mobile, digital, influencers. – MarTech Advisor

Looking for some fresh new ideas in graphic design? Photographer Jakob Straub recommends looking up and back to the domed ceilings of Roman rotundas. – Fast Co. Design

The fourth annual Widen User Summit wrapped up last week with many happy customers and staff. – MarketWatch

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