Digital Asset Management Links — October 2018

Marketing asset management links for October 2018

It all comes down to trust. DAM admins know that managing content in today’s digital world is a complex challenge! Their users need to trust that their assets are accurate, current, and usable. This article explores how to successfully build this trust through effective metadata strategies and governance policies. – CMSWire

Do you have the right tools? Organizations across industries struggle to identify and procure the digital tools that their users actually need. And without the right tools, work efficiency and quality suffer. Strategist Kevin Gepford explores why this is such a pervasive problem, and what to do about it. – LinkedIn

Henry Stewart talks with Lisa Grimm of in their series “Sharing DAM Experiences”. As the manager of browse development and taxonomy at Amazon, Lisa is a leader in the world of enterprise content management. In this interview, she shares insights on her biggest challenges, as well as tips for a successful DAM implementation. – LinkedIn

How do you connect with Generation Z? People in Gen Z were born in the mid-1990s to the early 2000s and grew up with a greater exposure to technology – and content – than any previous generation. Consequently, crafting customer experiences that matter to them requires a new approach to content marketing. – MarTech Advisor

All the best from MarTech East. Industry leaders met in Boston last month to analyze and discuss the challenges of modern marketing. In his opening keynote presentation, conference chair and Hubspot VP Scott Brinker developed a theme that carried through much of the conference. He told attendees, “When the map and the terrain disagree, trust the terrain.” In other words, the real world still trumps technology. You can download all of the conference presentations here. – MarTech Conference East

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