Digital Asset Management Links — October 20, 2017

Marketing asset management links October 20, 2017

A newbie’s take on Henry Stewart Chicago. Listen to this MLIS student share her first experience at a professional conference. It’s interesting to see the conference through fresh eyes. To sum things up, she said she can’t wait to attend in 2018. – LinkedIn

Artificial intelligence, auto-tagging, machine learning, and the like. There are many new ways to make sense of your content. Peter Krogh, the author of “The DAM Book,” is suggesting a new term for all of this and it’s “computational tagging.” Read his reasoning behind the new term. The DAM Book

DAM News is requesting article submissions for their new topic series. They’re doing a new series on digital asset supply chains and creative operations management. Do you have knowledge in this area? You might want to submit an article. – Digital Asset Management News

What is metadata? If you’re just getting into digital asset management (DAM), this term might be new to you. This article is a simple introduction to what metadata is. – TaxoDiary

If you’re in the process of choosing a DAM system, this webinar is for you. It’s called “The Right Way to Select Digital Asset Management Technology.” It goes over shortlists, unique scenarios, demos, POCs, and more. – Real Story Group

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