Digital Asset Management Links — October 2, 2015

Digital asset management links October 2, 2015

This website is the educational arm of Widen, a digital asset management system provider. We try to keep the content here neutral and are making an exception to share with great excitement that Widen’s Media Collective now offers DAM Insights. Insights is an easy, dashboard-style analytics tool that gives users info on where assets are being used, who uses them, and how popular they are. – MarketWired

There’s no good reason to be afraid of metadata anymore. If you’re in marketing, you are probably using it more than you realize already. Think blog tags and categories. In this great article, Michele Linn provides Metadata 101 for Content Marketers. – Content Marketing Institute

On the topic of content, here are some tips to improve your content marketing strategy. Quick summary: Be focused on your audience and have fun! – Business 2 Community

Tips to boost your company’s profile on Linkedin, including visual elements like profile picture, banner, and post images. Of course, all of these elements can be easily organized in your DAM system. – Mar Tech Advisor

Ag producers are in on the mobile trend, connecting quickly from the field (literally) to modern farming technologies. While the article is about the rise of information technology in agriculture, it begs the question or are you reaching your mobile users? – Dairy Herd Management

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