Digital Asset Management Links — October 13, 2017

Brand asset management links October 13, 2017

Why can’t enterprise search be as good as Google? It all comes down to the data behind the content. This article goes into depth about the value of metadata and how it can improve search at your company. – CMSWire

There’s a new resource out for those that work with taxonomy. It’s called “Issues in Vocabulary Management” and it’s available for free online. It’s a must read for anyone involved with controlled vocabulary and taxonomy management. – The Accidental Taxonomist

The DAM Vendor Directory is now free of charge. There used to be a cost for premium users, but now it’s all free. The DAM Vendor Directory is just like it sounds. It’s a directory of DAM vendors that users can search to find a solution that fits their needs. It includes screenshots, videos, features, and a variety of other information. – Digital Asset Management News

Scott Brinker discusses how to best manage your martech stack. Scott Brinker is the creator of the famous Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic and is the man behind Read this interview to see what he has to say about managing the marketing technology tools at your company. – TechTarget

Here’s a good read on digital strategy in the workplace. It goes into DAM systems, intranets, wikis, and other tools and how the linked data behind these tools is what powers them. Data is so important in making sure that your tools work for you and you can find what you’re looking for. – CMSWire

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