Digital Asset Management Links — November 20, 2015

Peace for Paris

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In the wake of the terrible attacks on Paris two weeks ago, a powerful image of support emerged: The Eiffel Tower in a peace sign by French illustrator Jean Jullien. The illustration, which he created in a spontaneous moment, reflected his intense emotional reaction. It’s rapid and widespread adoption shows that it inspired the same in millions of people around the world. Images can be an incredibly powerful way to connect people. – CNN

Diversity in design can be overlooked in the push for more minorities in tech and business fields. Black American graphic designer Jermaine Bell talks to the Hub at Johns Hopkins University about what it is like as a professional in Baltimore, and it sounds tough. He described on ad agency he worked for as “like a frat house. It was Mad Men accelerated to 2013”. – The Hub

Would people mistake your corporate email marketing for spam? One writer took a break from his email and when he returned, he was astonished at the volume of marketing emails he thought were senseless spam. Take and minute to evaluate your own email content. – The Guardian

Two words: Quantum technology.  A recent press release from the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council shared information about new technologies emerging from “the unique properties of the quantum realm” like ultra-sensitive gravity sensors and superfast cameras that can see around corners. – Eureka Alert

Quality printed materials are still relevant! In the image-saturated digital world, moments are fleeting and easily forgotten. Chatbooks, a photo printing startup, recently acquired event directory printing company Guesterly. How can you use your best digital assets to provide a traditional and lasting content creation? – Tech Crunch

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