Digital Asset Management Links — November 13, 2015

Part of growing a following is producing content. Lots of it. Youtube entrepreneur Roberto Blake lives by the motto “Create Something Awesome Today”, literally putting out a video 7 days a week. He does it through planning, strategy, and consistency. – Forbes

Need some inspiration to kickstart the creation process? Below are two great sources.

The Wired archives. Twenty-one years of great design in an easy to access online package. For some background on the project (34,000 magazine pages moved in 9 hours), see the Wired article from last month. – The Washington Post

Antique matchbook covers. These tiny billboards were a popular advertising method in the 50’s and 60’s. Condensing key messages into a tiny area…sounds like foreshadowing to the digital media age. – Visual News

Marketing has followed software and web development into the agile arena and we’re seeing more and more recommendations to do agile marketing. Ironically, you have to plan to be agile. – The Tennessean

Exciting news for bird lovers! The Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology received a $7.5 million dollar gift to expand their collection and allow the public to submit images, video, and audio recordings. – Cornell Chronicle

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