Digital Asset Management Links — November 06, 2015

Canadian Residential School photo

Indian and Northern Affairs/Library and Archives Canada/Reuters

DAM links starting off today with a tough topic. The CBC reported this week that the Canadian National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) has opened a digital archive of witness accounts from residential school survivors. Residential schools were common in Canada and United States beginning the late 1800’s as government-sponsored schools that used to forcibly assimilate American Indian or Canadian First People children to European culture.  A digital archive like this that includes highly emotional, personal, first-hand accounts requires special attention to make sure that participant privacy is respected while providing public access to important historical information. As digital archives become more common, the challenge of respecting privacy and allowing access will emerge again. Kudos to the NCTR, who have handled it admirably. – CBC

In Alaska, the Alutiiq Museum shared a solution to privacy and access when revealed that they will be using the application Mukurtu to record and preserve the oral history of Alaskan Native people. Mukurtu, which was originally developed to meet the archival needs of aboriginal Australians, was selected for its ability to allow for community contributions while restricting public access. – Alaska Dispatch News

How women are changing the information technology industry according to Dell chief marketing officer Karen Quintos. – The Oklahoman

The pharmaceutical industry is jumping on the digital asset management bandwagon, citing the need for collaboration, concerns about compliant content, and the push to become part of the modern marketing world. – Pharm Exec

Add “visual content strategy” to your to-do list. Images, photos, and video are pretty much required these days and you need a strategy to reflect that. – Content Marketing Institute

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