Digital Asset Management Links — May 5, 2017

Digital asset management links May 5, 2017

Have you heard the term “information architecture” before? It’s pretty important because a phenomenal customer experience isn’t possible without it. If you’ve ever had trouble finding information on a website or an app, you were experiencing poor information architecture. This article gives a great overview of what information architecture is and how it can benefit the customer experience. It also provides books you can read to dive in further. – CMSWire

Another DAM podcast is out with an interview with Dan Piro. Dan is the Director of Digital Asset Archive with the National Hockey League. He goes over how a professional hockey team uses digital asset management, the challenges that come along with it, and advice he has for others in the space. – Another DAM Podcast

Here’s a excellent read for any photographers in digital asset management. The DAM Book is a website specifically dedicated for photographers in the DAM space and has tons of helpful information. Their most recent book is called “Digitizing Your Photos” and goes over scanning photos with a digital camera and managing the process in Lightroom. – The DAM Book

Mark Leslie talks about his light bulb moments from Henry Stewart DAM LA. Mark, Senior Manager of Digital Asset Management at adidas, said that he knows how to run his DAM efficiently (which is why he gave a presentation on it), but he learned a lot from questions that were asked from other companies about how to run theirs. He heard questions that he’d never even thought of before, and believes you really benefit from being a part of the DAM community. – YouTube

Are you attending the Digital Asset Symposium today? If so, we hope you’re having a fantastic time! If not, check out the lineup and see if you’d be interested in attending next year. We definitely recommend it. – Digital Asset Symposium

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