Digital Asset Management Links — May 26, 2017

Digital asset management links May 26, 2017

An organization that fails to manage its digital assets correctly can go down a dangerous path. This leads to an expensive, time consuming process of having to recreate and search for content. It’s the reason why one can’t simply ignore digital asset management. This article uses a DAM story from Henry Stewart NY to illustrate the importance of DAM. – DMN

DAM has moved into the mainstream and into the heart of the enterprise. This is according to Forrester research, and it’s due to the increased use of rich media assets across all industries. A lot of companies are starting to produce in-house content to tell their stories and this is pushing the need for DAM. – CMSWire

Metadata management is a lot of work. Well, that’s an understatement. Sometimes it can feel as though metadata projects are never finished. Then auto-tagging technology came along and promised to make this task easier, but how well does it work? – LinkedIn

Timeless topic: improving user adoption and maximizing ROI. This topic never gets old because, quite frankly, it’s something you may always have to work on. This article gives some great tips and tricks on how to do both and how doing these two tasks will improve your DAM system and your organization’s relationship with it. – Optimity Advisors

Are you worried about your files getting hacked at your company? There’s a type of hacking called ransomware where a hacker gets a hold of all of your files and threatens to delete them if you don’t pay a ransom. Well, if you have a DAM system you don’t have to worry about this. DAM systems don’t expose a file system structure directly; therefore, ransomware cannot get to your files. – LinkedIn

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