Digital Asset Management Links — May 26, 2016

Digital asset management links May 26, 2016

This article neatly explains why you need a digital asset management (DAM) even if you have a web content management (WCM) system with a dinner party analogy. Think of the DAM as the kitchen (where you create and manage digital assets) and the WCM as the house – where you entertain guests with your magnificent creations. – CMSWire

Make the most of your DAM with these five tips. My personal favorite? Train users! Other recommendations include getting stakeholder buy-in, integrating with existing software, and finding the right solution for your needs. – MarTech Advisor

The barebones version of what DAM can do for you. Make things more efficient, organized, and secure. You may have heard it a million times, but it never gets old. – Smart Business

A fantastic new digital archive project is underway to bring light to the hundreds of thousands of runaway slaves in the United States. Freedom on the Move seeks to digitize ads taken out by white slave owners advertising runaways in attempt to shed light on slavery and migration. The project, a collaboration between several universities including Cornell University and the University of Alabama, will be crowdsourcing ad tagging. – The Conversation

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