Digital Asset Management Links — May 13, 2016

Digital asset management links May 13, 2016

Laser scan of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, United States by CyArk.

You know I love a good digital archive, and this new cyber archive of culture heritage sites is taking it to the next level. Introducing CyArk, a nonprofit organization that “merges anthropological passion…with new imaging technologies” to archive international treasures. And exciting addition on the archival world. – Science Friday

What will have a bigger impact on marketing campaigns – left brain (analytic) or right brain (creative) thinkers? Both, or some combination of the two. Introducing “data-driven creativity.” – Forbes

Creatives need data on their content to demonstrate ROI, increase budgets, and craft more personalized content for audiences. I can’t resist mentioning here that a digital asset management (DAM) system with analytics can provide data on content use and performance. – Chief Marketer

Unfortunately, more data alone is not the answer. Even with the most complete customer data possible, technology advances, the 24-hour nature of the internet, and fickle, sophisticated web users means that marketers still struggle to understand audiences. – The Drum

Some view the 1970’s as a golden age for brand guidelines, when corporate graphics standards were often published as books or binders for people to follow.  Several months ago, we covered the excitement around the release of vintage NASA graphic guides. The concept didn’t stop there and the team who brought us the NASA guide have gone on to publish several other vintage pieces. – Fast Company Design

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