Digital Asset Management Links — May 12, 2017

Digital asset management links May 12, 2017

If you don’t have a reliable e-commerce customer experience, you could lose business to your competitors. Nobody wants to buy a pair of shoes without a picture, or a price, or a size, right? This information is critical to have on your product site. A DAM system with images of your products and proper metadata can really improve the online shopping experience for your customers. – CMSWire

Five solid questions to ask DAM vendors if you’re in the market for a DAM system. This article not only gives you the questions, but explains why they’re good to ask. It also gives tips for finding rich vendor content that is helpful and not just full of advertisements for a specific product. – Digital Asset Management News

The Creative Operations Exchange 2017 was last month in San Francisco. There were about 100 attendees from industries like marketing, technology, and creative agencies. Kevin Gepford, a creative operations leader, attended the conference and shared his top eight takeaways. These include the need to constantly change your status quo, the next frontier for creative ops, how automation helps creativity flourish, and more. – LinkedIn

The three pillars of DAM are people, processes, and technology. However, Romney Whitehead, an expert in the DAM field (and former DAM champ), believes the people part often gets left behind. Read on to see why she thinks the people of DAM are the most important to having a successful DAM system. – Borrowed Insight

We really like this article about taxonomies from the perspective of a UX designer. A lot of times we talk about how important taxonomy is for DAM admins, but don’t go far beyond that. A well organized website is a huge factor in a user’s experience, and taxonomy is an important part of that. This article gives a great overview of what taxonomy is (and is not) and explains how those working in UX can incorporate it. – UX Booth

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