Digital Asset Management Links — March 4, 2016

Digital asset management links March 4, 2016

Kicking off the DAM links today with some design articles. First, further proof that the world is going digital: Bloomingdale’s has it’s own line of emoji’s now. Kim Kardashian started the trend of brand emojis and who knows what to expect next? – Refinery29

Pantone delights designers around the work with 112 new colors, many of them greens and purples. Super awesome if you’re Drop Dead Fred*. – DigitalArts

Virtual reality is all the rage and this article recommends it for….email marketing? At first, it doesn’t make sense, but with the ongoing move to mobile and the fact that smartphones are equipped for basic VR, it’s a very real possibility. – Marketing Land

Love this “incredibly dorky look” at the marketing technologies used by the US presidential candidates. A fascinating read because of their intense need to connect with audiences. – Fast Company

Wondering how to become a digital marketer? Since the field evolves quickly, skills learned outside of the classroom can be more beneficial than any program. – CIO

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