Digital Asset Management Links — March 31, 2017

Digital asset management links March 31, 2017

Jason Lambert shares the metadata strategy he uses at Sony Pictures Entertainment. He uses time-based metadata to index the Sony Pictures catalog. He shares a lot of other insightful metadata advice and says the most important step in any metadata project is to just start it. – YouTube

Adobe has integrated new AI technology into its Adobe Experience Manager. Adobe claims it will help marketers save time tagging assets. However, AI has a long way to go before it makes a major impact. – CMSWire

We recommend watching this webinar from Real Story Group. The webinar is titled “Six DAM Trends to watch in 2017.” It’s critical that you know what the DAM trends are so you can make sure your current DAM system is up to par. And if you’re in the market for a DAM system, you’ll know what to look for. – YouTube

Related to trends in DAM, here are the trends that will disrupt (or already have disrupted) DAM. Some of these trends include the cloud, integration, analytics, and convergence. Some DAM providers have already stepped up to the plate, while others are still lagging behind. – SlideShare

Copyright infringement is a bigger problem than you may think. According to PicScout, about 80% of commercial sites are using unauthorized photos. Not only does this cause problems for the organization misusing the photos, it also takes credit and money away from the creator of the image. We have a tip: Use DAM to manage your images, and copyright infringement will be a distant memory! –

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