Digital Asset Management Links — March 3, 2017

Digital asset management links March 3, 2017

The agenda for Henry Stewart DAM NY 2017 has been announced! Henry Stewart DAM NY is one of the leading conferences for DAM worldwide. Attendees will include people from some of the world’s leading brands including AT&T, Gap Inc., Hershey’s, and REI. Make sure to check out the full agenda! – Henry Stewart

Artificial intelligence is improving and it’s coming to DAM. Could AI be what brings DAM into the mainstream? Will AI make using DAM easier or will it cause more problems? These are all questions to be asking with the emerging technology of AI. However, Emily Kolvitz thinks that we shouldn’t be resistant to AI in DAM. Instead, we should embrace the technology because it will improve the experience. – CMSWire

DAM is not obsolete. (And don’t worry, we didn’t think it was!) Nick Barber, a writer at Forrester, reminds us that DAM is still relevant and many people are using or planning to use it in the future! Take a look at the stats and see what you should consider if you’re planning on implementing a DAM system at your organization. – Forrester

Eric Toth of Yahoo! Studios discusses DAM. Eric Toth talks about how he looked for a fast and dynamic DAM system in order to keep up with the high demands of production. He also mentions how he needed a DAM system to keep up with his video needs. This is good insight for any vendor trying to improve their system. – YouTube

Digital assets can only increase in value. Medhat Mahmoud, a contributor to DAM News, believes that the more shareable and connected your assets become, the more value they acquire. We agree and believe a DAM system can definitely help your assets appreciate in value. – Digital Asset Management News

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