Digital Asset Management Links — March 24, 2017

Digital asset management links March 24, 2017

Hallmark has been practicing digital asset management since the 90s. Debra Risner, Creative Digital Asset Director at Hallmark, talks about their long and rewarding DAM journey. Hallmark has so many assets and so many similar assets (think about how many different roses or different “happy birthday” cards they have!) that they actually have a DAM department. – LinkedIn

Interoperability is a critical component of any DAM system. Interoperability is the ability of two systems or processes to work together, and any good DAM system is going to work well with others. Read this article to find out other reasons interoperability is so important and to learn about specific use cases. – Digital Asset Management News

How do you know if your team is ready for a DAM system? Henry Stewart talked to Christopher Frenning, CEO of FotoWare, to find out what signs to look for to know if your team is ready or not. Frenning believes that if you have a team greater than three people and you publish and manage media content, you’re probably ready for a DAM system. – YouTube

DAM is the central marketing hub. It’s also the single source of truth. We strongly believe this here at and Widen, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Read this article to hear a different perspective on why DAM is the hub of all your marketing efforts. – LinkedIn

If you’re craving even more DAM links, check out Tim Strehle’s March reading list. Tim is the man behind the Planet DAM Twitter account. He’s always on the lookout for DAM-related content, so it’s definitely worth checking out. – Tim’s Weblog

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