Digital Asset Management Links — March 23, 2018

content management links March 23, 2018

Are you looking for a conference to attend? The Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) is having their 32nd annual conference. This year, it’s called “Thriving in the New Normal.” The conference focuses on how new working methods, new thinking, and new technology can help information professionals thrive. – Association of Independent Information Professionals

Learn why a taxonomy, a thesaurus, and a controlled vocabulary are still beneficial in the age of search. This gives a comprehensive overview of the different terms and how they can improve search. It also goes over the history of why these practices were implemented in the first place and how they’re still relevant in today’s age. – The Accidental Taxonomist

Are you attending Henry Stewart DAM New York? If so, you may want to attend the roundtable titled “Advancing Findability: Using standards-based asset metadata on the World Wide Web.” This article gives a brief description of what to expect from the discussion. – W3C

It’s all about events this week. Here’s a seminar that looks to answer the question of “Can blockchain be applied to the picture industry?” It’s put on by an organization called the Center of the Picture Industry (CEPIC) in Berlin, Germany. Anyone in the photography industry who’s interested in this topic should attend. – CEPIC

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