Digital Asset Management Links — March 2, 2018

brand management links March 2, 2018

There weren’t a lot of digital asset management articles this week, but we have three for you to check out.

Did you attend the Insight Exchange Network’s DAM conference? The Digital Assets and Content Leadership Exchange conference took place in January. If you weren’t able to attend or did attend but missed the panel discussion on paradigm shifts in DAM, you can listen to it here. – Another DAM Podcast

Paper records aren’t going anywhere. Many people think that the rise of DAM systems and other technologies means that paper record keeping is going to become obsolete, but that isn’t the case. A lot of organizations are managing both paper and digital records for a variety of reasons. – TechTarget

The DAM Book 3.0 is now available for pre-order. The book is written by Peter Krogh, who is a photographer, writer, filmmaker, and consultant with a passion for DAM. This book focuses on the digital photography ecosystem and goes over topics like metadata, backups and restorations, workflow and lifecycle, and different software options. – The DAM Book

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