Digital Asset Management Links — March 17, 2017

Digital asset management links March 17, 2017

Do you feel like your productivity has been hindered? Your marketing technology may be to blame. Marketing technology can greatly increase productivity, but when used incorrectly it can actually negatively affect your performance. Check out this list of five tools that you could be misusing and see how you can fix the problem. MarTech Advisor

Managing your brand is arguably one of the most important parts of any organization. Brand asset management, or BAM, is the practice of managing your logos, brand guidelines, color palettes, branded slide decks, font sets, or any other aspect of your brand. And since most of the time these brand assets are digital, DAM can be your central source of truth for managing these brand assets. – Computing

The Digital Asset Symposium (DAS) is on May 5. Are you registered? DAS is a great event for DAM professionals to share their challenges and insights for managing content along its digital lifecycle. Professionals from across a wide range of industries will be attending, and they’ll be covering topics like automated metadata, AI, and video content workflows. – Broadcasting & Cable

The enduring truths of information management still remain the same in the digital age. There are many principles that apply to information management regardless of whether it’s physical or digital and regardless of what industry it’s in. Read this article to find out what they are and find your way to digital asset nirvana. – CMSWire

Watch DAM champ Anthony Marshall’s talk from Henry Stewart NY 2016. You can watch his half-hour talk, “DAM is necessary for survival in today’s Digital World,” from HS NY 2016 on YouTube. He covers why a digital content strategy is essential, how “create, manage, and distribute” keeps things under control, and the keys to a successful DAM implementation. – YouTube

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