Digital Asset Management Links — June 8, 2018

DAM links for June 8, 2018

Start off your Friday with this fun infographic. It contains food and DAM characteristics, what could be better? If you haven’t heard of the 10 core characteristics of a DAM system, it’s a great way to learn about them. This infographic gives a quick snapshot of the different elements that make up a fully functional DAM system. – The Codified DAM Consultant

Speaking of food, doesn’t a martech sandwich sound tasty? We’re only kidding, but there are a surprising amount of similarities between sandwiches and martech stacks. Find out how they’re similar and read tips on how you can build a perfect martech stack to satisfy your organization. – CMSWire

And you know what’s at the heart of your perfect martech stack? DAM. It’s a foundational element because without DAM, there’s no system for the assets. This article is great because it dives into how overall martech success is more than just the technology. You need to have a martech strategy in place that involves people and processes as well. – CMSWire

Need a better understanding of DAM before diving into martech? If you’re just here to learn about digital asset management, this article will give you a solid foundation. It goes over what DAM is, why you need it, and how it fits into the bigger picture at your organization. And bonus: it relates fitting your DAM system into your martech stack to crafting the perfect cocktail. – Content Marketing Institute

If you’re searching for a DAM system, the Codified DAM Consultant can help. The Codified DAM Consultant is an online tool you can use to download in-depth reports and rankings for DAM software. This recent article on the site goes over three different use case scenarios and the top ten vendors for each one. – The Codified DAM Consultant

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