Digital Asset Management Links — June 30, 2017

Digital asset management links June 30, 2017

Happy Independence Day weekend!

Digital assets are everywhere. Whether you’re logging into Facebook, doing some online shopping, or reading an online news article, you’re interacting with digital assets. Digital assets influence us at every turn, which is why they rule the world. Read this article to see 10 reasons why they do. – CMSWire

Here’s a tip for DAM implementation. Douglas Hegley, former DAM champ and chief digital officer at Minneapolis Institute of Art, shares his tip for a successful DAM implementation. He says the most important thing is to first establish a team of people to own the DAM. – YouTube

And if you want to dive further into DAM implementation, this article is for you. Henrik Lambert has helped implement more than 30 DAM systems, and he has some advice for anyone moving from a network storage structure to a DAM system. – LinkedIn

Information is one of the most valuable assets of any company. This is why you should take steps to protect records that have permanent value in your organization. This could include annual reports, personnel records, maps of buildings, contractual documents, advertising materials, or anything else you determine has value for your company. This is a great introductory article for anyone just getting into the world of DAM. – The Photo Organizers

Theresa Regli’s take on DAM after the Henry Stewart DAM Europe conference. Theresa Regli is a DAM expert. She had some thoughts to share on the state of DAM after the conference, and they weren’t all great. She doesn’t think the technology is moving as fast as it should. – LinkedIn

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