Digital Asset Management Links — June 26 2015

Digital Collection of the Seven Sisters women's colleges completed.

“Archery Team”. Bryn Mawr College. undated. College Women. Web. Accessed June 26, 2015.

Bryn Mawr College completed a digital archive of photos from the “Seven Sisters” women’s colleges in the eastern United States. See the results at It’s an incredible collection and wonderful web experience. – Technically Philly

The basics on digital asset management and cloud data storage. Includes info on return on investment, key to any marketing technology you bring into your business. – Cloud Wedge

“How to create a digital archive” for performing arts centers. The advice, which includes engaging the user audience, working with an information professional, and more, is spot on for all industries. – Performing Arts Hub

Graphic design magazine Muster launched as a quarterly app out of Spain. It’s reported to be a great example of native digital design and as article author D.B. Hebbard points out, you don’t have to understand Spanish to appreciate good design. Check out the preview. – Talking New Media

Four great recommendations for your content marketing strategy. Data, animation, engaging experiences, and community building. – Forbes

Social video is increasingly a great way to reach audiences. Tips for what works best on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. – Business 2 Community

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