Digital Asset Management Links — June 24, 2016

Women in digital asset management Beth Goldstein DAM links

Check out a new (funny) take on the DAM scene by digital marketer Beth Goldstein. Credit:

I found a DAM fun new blogger you should be following! Beth Goldstein launched #DAMStraight this month to talk about her love for digital asset management. She works in digital marketing and discovered DAM as part of her work. She’s already written an article after my own heart – “#DAMStraight… I’m talking about ladies”. – #DAMStraight

Unreleased clips from the iconic documentary series American Masters by PBS will be available via a digital archive called “In their own words.” The launch, timed to coincide with the 30 year anniversary of the show, will include fresh footage from 1,388 hours of film interviews with over 800 people. Clips of feminist Gloria Steinem talking about Marilyn Monroe have already been released, and culture fans can expect new episodes biweekly. – The Hollywood Reporter

The future of digital asset management (DAM) is mobile. With increased mobile use, the enduring popularity of apps, and significant numbers of staff working remotely, Minh Hoang of Brandworkz says it’s all about providing a good mobile experience. – The Drum

Five ways to build the perfect DAM in short form: Single source of truth, metadata, approval, and governance. Basically, we agree with everything Leslie Weller of Canto says.  – CMSWire

Tech jobs are a great place to start building diversity at any organization. And every company should be building diversity, because look at these depressing statistics for technology related positions: Hispanic employees don’t even hold 11 percent of jobs and black people are estimated to hold just 1 -7 percent. – TechCrunch

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