Digital Asset Management Links — June 23, 2017

Digital asset management links June 23, 2017

A call for taxonomy standardization. There are no official standards for taxonomies as they are loosely defined. But according to taxonomist Heather Hedden, there should be standards for how one does taxonomy in order to ensure consistency, ease of use, and interoperability. – The Accidental Taxonomist

Have you ever wondered how DAM value is measured in the nonprofit sector? Douglas Hegley, Chief Digital Officer at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, shares how they measure value in an interview by Henry Stewart. – YouTube

DAM interoperability is key to a digital supply chain. If your system doesn’t play well with others, you’re going to have problems. Read this article to find out what interoperability is and why some systems are far away from achieving it. – Digital Asset Management News

Are you in the market for a DAM system? Here’s a great video from Real Story Group to help you along the journey. It features Real Story Group’s managing director and analyst Jarrod Gingras. He goes over the most important criteria to consider, the RFP process, and how to set up a valuable vendor demo.  – YouTube

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