Digital Asset Management Links — June 2, 2017

Digital asset management links June 2, 2017

Librarians are the best content managers, hands down. It was what they were trained to do. Marketers can learn a lot from librarians on how to manage the mountain of content they deal with every day. Here are three steps on how to manage your content like a librarian. – Content Marketing Institute

While you’re managing that content like a librarian, you’ll need a metadata strategy. A metadata strategy is critical to a successful content strategy. This article gives an extensive explanation of what metadata strategy is and some examples of organizations doing it right. – Story Needle

10 trends in digital communication and content. Technology is advancing faster than ever. Those who work in the digital space must keep up with the current trends to stay on top of the game. Some of the trends include all-encompassing CMS, augmented reality going mainstream, and content keywords. – Firehead

Do your taxonomies contain verbs or adjectives or just strictly nouns? Taxonomist Heather Hedden makes the case for using verbs or adjectives in taxonomies, but acknowledges there may be differences of opinion on this matter. Read this article to see if you agree or not. – The Accidental Taxonomist

And if you’re still in the mood for some taxonomy knowledge, listen to this interview with an expert taxonomist. The expert, Bob Kasenchak, discusses how taxonomy makes your content discoverable. He covers what taxonomy is, how it works, and some applications for taxonomies. It’s really interesting because he’s not just talking about taxonomy for DAM, but across many different disciplines. – PLOS

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