Digital Asset Management Links — June 19 2015

Digital asset management links June 19, 2015

A digital asset management system can help you maintain a corporate image and increase the value of digital assets like photos and logos. Here’s why so many people are using DAM, and why it’s worth the time and effort to do it right. — Business to Community

It’s always interesting when graphic designers evaluate campaign logos. They went bonkers over Hilary Clinton’s simple logo, and Jeb Bush’s graphic identity isn’t faring much better. — Wired

We love digital assets (obviously) and we love good print. Combining the two can be a powerful way to reach audiences [+infographic]. — Tech Cocktail

Come with us on an IT journey. We’ve covered the changes happening in the field in previous DAM Links, and this is the first we’ve heard of an image crisis in IT. If it doesn’t get righted, there will soon be more jobs than people to fill them. — The Sydney Morning Herald

Meanwhile, move over, CTO’s and CMO’s, it’s time for the marketing technology officer (MTO). As a tech/marketing officer hybrid, the MTO is theoretically equipped to help select and implement marketing technologies. — Phoenix Business Blog

This might be the driest online read you’ll have all week (month?) but it’s full of great information on the growth and potential impact of the Internet of Things. If you work in digital anything, you should check it out. — Insider Online

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