Digital Asset Management Links — June 17, 2016

DAM design pantone food by Lisa Litman in Creative Boom

Photographer Lucia Litman’s version of the Pantone library – in food . Credit:

The 2016 In-house Creative Industry report is out and there’s good news for DAM. The report, commissioned by the BOSS Group, Cella, and InSource, shows a rise in DAM use and in the willingness of organizations to hire people to manage the system. Already, 49% of the 400 respondents had a DAM system. – Creative Industry Report

Taxonomy is key to organizing your DAM system and making digital files searchable. Despite sounding foreign (and very dry), taxonomy is part of your daily life. Here’s why you should care and what roadblocks to look out for. – CMSWire

A report state of content management systems (CMS) in universities. Spoiler alert: It’s not great. The article uses the term “controlled chaos.” The challenges of selecting, justifying, and implementing a CMS are unsurprisingly similar to those faced by universities looking for DAM systems. For example, the lack of an internal champion is common. – Formtek

The Pantone rainbow as you’ve never seen it before. Photographer Lucia Litman got creative with the color collection, finding foods to represent swatches from the comprehensive color library. See her Instagram account for all her photos. – Creative Boom

Video is key to engaging online audiences. To make best use of the medium, know your audience, where they hang out online, and what kind of content is most appealing to them. – Marketing Tech

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