Digital Asset Management Links — June 16, 2017

Digital asset management links June 16, 2017

Your users can’t find anything? No one is using the system? The culprit is most likely metadata. Without metadata, there is no time to be saved, no fast searching, and basically, your DAM doesn’t do its job without it! Read this article for an overview of the main points one needs to consider when devising a metadata strategy. – Digital Asset Management News

10 things on the 10th from Mod Librarian. We love this monthly lists on all things library related from librarian Tracy Wolfe. This month her reading list includes deep learning with data, creating controlled vocabularies, and searching the digital archives at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. – Mod Librarian

DAM success stories are our favorite. We’re always saying that DAM can help you maintain a consistent brand image, but here’s proof. Pampered Chef shares their story of how DAM has helped them keep their brand consistent with internal employees as well as 40,000 external consultants. – DMN

You’re sure to have content chaos if you don’t have a strong information governance program. Information governance shouldn’t be at the individual level, it should be company wide. Most employees don’t want to deal with information governance, and that’s why it turns into chaos. Find out how to implement the right strategy to avoid this mess. – CMSWire

If you didn’t get enough DAM reading from us this month, check out the June reading list from Tim Strehle. We’ve mentioned this before and we will mention it again: Tim is a master curator of DAM content, so check out his list if you need more. – Tim’s Weblog

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