Digital Asset Management Links — June 12 2015

Editor’s Note: There are a ton of articles about digital asset management this week! Interesting boom. Before we get there, let’s discuss the most important thing on the internet, possibly the reason it exists: cat photos.

Cats and digital archives

Harry Pointer photos from Sussex PhotoHistory via

A vintage collection from expert cat photographer Harry Pointer was found by a dedicated reporter in the Sussex PhotoHistory online archive. Pointer’s work took a turn for the hilarious around 1870 when he realized how much people liked pictures of cats doing funny things. — i09

Keep your brand assets organized and accessible with a digital asset management (DAM) system. — The Drum

There is a need for people to manage DAM systems, but positions stay open. An in-depth look into why by digital archivist Elizabeth Keathley. — CMS Wire

The unfilled DAM manager positions might have something to do with undervalued digital asset librarians, explains Ralph Windsor. — DAM News

As marketing needs shift, DAM systems have to widen by innovating, integrating, and listening to customers. — DAM Foundation

On the topic of marketing technology jobs, quantitative analyst staff positions are showing up in many marketing departments. Insider tip: “Quants” is Wall Street lange for quantitative analysts.— Marketing Profs

A digital recipe archive. The metadata scheme for that is so niche…dream or nightmare for an information professional? — AdWeek

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